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Ticket #1
Why do you continue to feel wrong?
How did you come to that conclusion?
Whose rules are they?
Each existence has its own journey and purpose, and there is no purpose other than a larger project where everyone is a cog, even those who are less evolved. We are all functional for someone or something else. That's why you should act according to how you feel. Therefore, feeling is the only compass you have, and the more centered you are, the better it works. Being centered doesn't mean having everything clear and being lucid, but you have to let yourself float between sensations and emotions. The magnetism around you is strong and is a source of knowledge and consciousness. The more you stay, the more you align and recharge yourself.
Look for other people who have the same approach to life as you. The more similar they are, the more pieces they will give you to complete yourself.
The truth is that everything is an illusion.
Listen and feel.
It's easy if you don't use your mind.


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