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Greetings Mr. White Hat.

In the light of the ideas that you have shared on public forums, we feel that you share the same vision as Poly Network - to build a secure, transparent, and decentralized protocol in the blockchain world. If we can figure out a way to move forward together, this could turn into a unique experiment for the industry. We think the first step in this collaboration can be to use the previously mentioned 160 ETH Bounty as a safety fund, managed using an address attributed to you (e.g. 0xA87fB85A93Ca072Cd4e5F0D4f178Bc831Df8a00B ?) to reward those who make outstanding contributions to the industry's security in the future.

Blockchain is a whole new world, but in a short time span has made itself relevant to many people's lives. Since this incident first occurred, our team has been working around the clock to restore normal operations to Poly Network as soon as possible. There are many projects and users using Poly Network services and we want to minimize the impact on them. Hence, a secure method to swiftly restore our network is currently our top priority. The assets in Poly Network do not belong to us, but to the users, and we have felt the panic of many users who are concerned about the loss of asset rights. We hope you can provide us with your private key to help us restore the assets of affected users as soon as possible and alleviate the panic.

We as a group also have our own beliefs and ideas about blockchain, which is why we launched Poly Network. We firmly believe that blockchain isn't just limited to being a new technology, but also a fresh concept and a whole new method of collaboration. We hope Poly Network can become a part of the Web 3.0 infrastructure and facilitate interoperability for different ledgers in the future blockchain world. Before this incident, we decided to upgrade Poly Network to a completely decentralized network, which will be a major upgrade on Poly Network after about two months. Here's a link to the code- In this new upgrade, we have worked on a new network consensus mechanism, the protocol architecture and the token economy model. We planned on announcing this on August 18 2021, the first anniversary of Poly Network's mainnnet launch, and were prepared for the entire campaign. So, you can rest assured that we are, in fact, moving towards a common goal.

Poly Network is a complex system. Interoperability between heterogeneous chains is a new venture, and we need time in order to finish up the new upgrade. After this upgrade goes live, the new Poly Network will operate in a decentralized fashion. We understand your concerns, and so we propose modifying the privileges to a multisignature mechanism for relay chain verifiers that would finally determine the upgrade.

No good protocol is built overnight, and we built Poly Network with the goal of building a protocol that belongs to everyone. That is the philosophy with which we entered this blockchain world in the first place. So we encourage more people that share our vision to join us, and we very much hope you will participate in the decentralization process of Poly Network and contribute to protocol security by playing an important role within Poly Network in the future.

Perhaps the current version of Poly Network is not perfect from a decentralization point of view, but we hope you understand our plans for the project, and the anxiety on part of the users. We believe that after we leave this incident behind, you can join the Poly Network team to discuss future upgrade plans, not just from a security perspective, but also weighing in on more aspects so that we can make Poly Network a better, secure, and more open system together.

Poly Network Team



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