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128118946518453 Block Confirmations
961 days 16 hrs ago (Jul-12-2021 10:20:57 AM +UTC)

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Welcome to the PROOF OF {ART}WORK NFT treasure hunt!

Everything needed to render po{a}w artworks is available on-chain to ensure
persistance of the art. So I've hidden two unminted artworks on the Ethereum
Mainnet for you to find and render.

Rules of the game, and the first clue:

1. The first two people to independently render one of the unminted po{a}w
composite images each win the po{a}w NFT of their choice, as long as it is:

a. Owned by 0xe4bfa7e0da1844ddd81e5dd716ee49de360f0555;

b. From either the Genesis or Regenesis collection (i.e. not a Composite);

c. No longer than 10,000,000 points in Length (see metadata) if the first
prize, or 5,000,000 if the second (equating to 1 / 0.5 ETH respectively in
primary-market value); and

d. Redeemed before 16:00 UTC on July 15 2021.

2. Redeem your prize by Tweeting @divergence_art and @opensea with an image of
the unminted po{a}w artwork that you found and rendered. The runner up must
Tweet the other unminted artwork.

3. After Tweeting, DM @divergence_art with your choice of prize. As sales begin
prior to the end of the treasure hunt, prize redemption will be on a
best-effort basis. To improve chances of receiving your favourite po{a}w,
include a ranked list of preferences, including the full artwork names with
their unique hexademical 0x... identifiers.

4. Clue: you've read to the base of this "contract", perhaps do the same for


ENS Namedivergenceart.eth (Brotchain: Deployer)
ENS Namedivergenceart.eth (Brotchain: Deployer)

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0.001362 ETH $4.63
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30 Gwei (0.00000003 ETH)
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$2,032.88 / ETH
Gas Limit & Usage by Txn:
68,100 | 45,400 (66.67%)

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Nonce: 55 Position In Block: 72
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