STEP 1 - Verify Token Contract 

  1. To check if your contract is verified
    1. Search your contract address from
    2. Check your contract source to see if it has the “Yes” icon appears on the tab as below
    3. If your contract code is not verified, please use this tool to verify your contract code. Refer : Tutorial - How to verify your solidity contract

STEP 2 - Sign message for contract verification

  1. Sign message with MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet
    1. Contract owner/creator is required to sign the message using MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet : Refer : How to Sign Message using MYETHERWALLET?
    2. The signature text should follow the template below:
      I, hereby verify that the information provided is accurate at this point of time, [ddMMyyyy] and I am the owner/creator of the token contract address [address] of the name [token name].
  2. Verify your signed Ethereum message
    1. Please provide the Ethereum address, generated signature, and the message.

      * denotes required fields