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Infinite, Boundless
Infinite, Boundless
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“Reason and logic have not solved our human problems; for reason has not solved any of our political, economic, or social problems; nor has it solved the intimate human problems between two people. Up to a point, we must reason together, logically, sanely, holistically; then, perhaps, beyond that point, we shall be able to find a different state, a different quality of mind, not bound by any dogma, by any belief, by any experience and therefore a mind that is free to observe and through that observation see exactly "what is" and also find that there is energy to transform it” Human beings experience all of the physical reality using five senses - seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching. These tools of physical perception are not enough to experience the infinite, boundless nature of the cosmos. 5500px X 6500px Hand drawn on the iPad using Procreate stretched across a period of 28 days Digital painting

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