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Choose #13
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Rarity: 13.2%

Choose was painted in 2019 with acrylics, spray paint, and 30+ international paper currencies on a 24"x24" wood panel. "Choose #0 - Original" NFT was given to the original buyer of the painting. 20 limited edition physical prints were released of this work. It cannot be guaranteed that NFTs and physicals will be sold together after initial sale. You will have to contact the current owner with inquiries. Choose depicts the battle between our fiat currency system and the bitcoin financial system. Initially the work shows various international currencies in the background but slowly bitcoin starts to infect the piece like a computer virus. Unlike most computer viruses this is actually good for the system. As the female subject looks towards the viewer, the background starts to change and she glitches as a pop up appears where she must make a decision to either stay with the fiat system or move to the bitcoin system. She chooses bitcoin and the code starts to download in the background of the piece. The subject breaks the rules and chooses the path of freedom. Obey or disobey, the choice is yours.

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