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Magnum 75 #19 by Lindokuhle Sobekwa. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2020
Magnum 75 #19 by Lindokuhle Sobekwa. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2020
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Lindokuhle Sobekwa

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Magnum 75 #19 by Lindokuhle Sobekwa. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2020 April 20, 2020: Rainy day. Townships is always buzzing and hardly quiet, even when faced with Covid19. I managed to get the quietness of the township when we had rain over the weekend or when we had cops and solders who where patrolling. What was also interesting was to see the places that are mostly occupied by humans but this time it was only animals that were visible in these spaces. I also visited a grave yard where my father was laid to rest, it was quiet and peaceful there. The Magnum 75 collection is the inaugural NFT collection by Magnum Photos. Created in 2022, the collection brings together works by 76 photographers taken across seven decades. Each drop will be curated in dialogue with three leading picture editors from across the globe and selected to embody the agency’s past, present, and future. This collection release coincides with the agency’s 75th celebrations and its Annual General Meeting in New York. The first collection has been curated by Alejandro Cartagena, co-founder of Obscura. Alejandro Cartagena said: "To look into Magnum’s vast archive is to look into the evolving history of photography as a language. For this selection, which marks the first steps of the agency into yet another horizon for photography with the emergence of blockchain technology, I decided to focus on the ingredients that make certain images stand out from the rest – the elements that all photographers should be aiming for. These 76 images celebrate not only the endurance of Magnum Photos but the quality that has made this longevity possible." Edition: 1 of 1 © Lindokuhle Sobekwa/Magnum Photos 2022 All Rights Reserved

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