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A Drop Of Blood In A Sea Of Voices #2
A Drop Of Blood In A Sea Of Voices #2
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Like a single drop of fresh blood ebbing and flowing on the ripples of voices and stories, do I find myself falling in or out of a new found identity that is now also shaped by the world around me I perceive, which is in many ways, as much of a newborn as I am? A voice is no longer simply defined by sound - it represents so much more than just one’s perspective as a single story. We’ve seen the intangible power of voices of groups, social norms and ideologies emanating through every media consumed which subconsciously changes our values, and even witnessed the drive for these voices to be as preeminently “unbiased” as possible. Combined with voices of individuals we come across through experiences, the cumulation of these sounds of life that we choose or don’t choose to listen to, is represented as an omnipotent and mercurial and ever renewing sea of sound almost resembling a deity, while I am move in flux with it like a drop of blood in a foreign vessel.

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