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Are We Going to Make It?
Are We Going to Make It?
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“Love in the times of decaying states of memory and the liberating acceptance of the impeding fear of losing one’s memories and personality. Memories that never happened, feelings that never existed.” Artist Ivona Tau's piece "Are We Going to Make It?" depicts a vertical cityscape, with a couple at its center, frozen in an eternal embrace. The juxtaposition of modern buildings and neon lights creates a contemporary backdrop. The artwork explores the themes of the fear of losing one's memories and personality, and the complexities of subjective reality. It prompts reflection on oblivion, love, and identity, highlighting the beauty and fragility of human relationships and the significance of our memories, real or imagined. Ivona Tau 2023 AI & Post – photography 1/1 This artwork was created for the exhibition "WAGMI" powered by Gxrls Revolution and Jean-Michel Pailhon. Curated by Funghi Gallery

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