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Part of an ongoing series exploring soft, touchable things this work explores the dynamics of soft body physics, the breaking of the fourth wall and the subtle sensations evoked by digital technologies that summon the familiar. For this exhibition, dedicated to womxn and non-binary creators in the NFT community, Eliza highlights the synergy that defines the space - interconnectedness, perpetual motion & collaboration. Serving as a testament to collective resilience, the oscillation of creative interactions and collaborations in the web3 space, each body pulsates with shared energy, affirming interdependence through a dance of light, color, and code – an intrinsic infinite scope. It celebrates our place within the boundless network of our shared experience. Eliza Struthers-Jobin, Diaphanae, 2023, Realtime Graphics, 2160 x 3840px, 30 sec, Edition 1/1 This artwork was created for the exhibition "WAGMI" powered by Gxrls Revolution and Jean-Michel Pailhon. Curated by Funghi Gallery

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