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The Chair
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On April 26, 2022, A very famous NFT artist tried to sell my "Steampunk Pilot Seat" which was sold on Sketchfab, without any work of his own, for roughly 1.5 million dollars. The seat itself was sold by me on SketchFab for 35$. Even if he moved here probably in a gray zone, so it is morally extremely wrong. On April 27th it led to a wave of indignation, ridicule, anger but also amusement, mockery and a lot of humor and memes. As the damaged artist, who until then had nothing to do with NFT's, I experienced tremendous support from the circles of the NFT community, for which I am incredibly grateful. The community, you, did not look away and let the deal happen and pointed out very loud and clear your moral values. There are actions that are inexcusable in my opinion, but I still believe in a second chance. People make mistakes, people act like crap sometimes, we all do from time to time. Sometimes we act too quickly or do not think well enough about our actions. So let's not get stuck in hate and let's focus on the positives. Let's make sure this doesn't happen again and that artists are not completely vulnerable on the internet and can sell their work with a good feeling without fear of being exploited. Let's see "The Chair", which was never meant to be what it is today, not as an object of hate and anger, but as a sign that good can grow out of negative if enough people stand together and don't look away. You can find the whole story here: - Valentin

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