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Dormant marks the start of "SEED" a new series of works about change and expansion. In plant growth, dormancy is necessary for the survival of a seed. It ensures that the seed grows well and in the proper conditions. But if a seed remains dormant too long, it may never grow. I thought it'd be fitting to release this series at the precipice of this new year in line with the theme of this moment being change. It felt fitting to hone in on what change actually means - using seeds as a symbol of that shift from 1 stage to another. Like seeds we find ourselves in moments of dormancy - suspended in time, unsure when our "shift" will take place. I'm learning that these moments of dormancy aren't to be neglected but cherished. It is a time for reflection, meditation and understanding. If you find yourself dormant know that it won't last forever - something better is around the corner. series SEED pod 1 dormant dimensions 7260x9240 px year 2022

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