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As we continuously build the digital universe and become interlaced with it, we are planting both the seeds of the future and of our digital-selves in a synchronized way. This is a reflection of the connections, similarities, and inevitable interaction between the nature and technology. Nature is the heart and the soul of humanity and the more we are aware of its splendid scope the more we will be able to comprehend it while transforming to our alternate realities at a light speed. And the act of doing this will determine how bright our horizon is for the digital future. Mutual collaboration of ours will be the key to succeed. Let’s tap into our roots; be, think and act one with nature, get inspired by it's abundant and flawless structure, generate with it and realize the beauty of just breathing... "Interlaced" is a part of 0xSociety's "MetaVRse" exhibition in Montreal, focusing on how our lives in the digital world will impact the environment and the preservation in the digital age.

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