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WAGMI Disneyland
WAGMI Disneyland
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The year is 2045 and Gigacorp has taken over the government in the United States of America. It becomes the first techno monarchy in the world and is renamed Mirage. Gigacorp plans full control of human evolution, to create a super race. Gigacorp believes a superior intelligent elite class should rule over the less intelligent population. Gigacorp believes it has to make decisions for society in order for humans to progress into the future. They view free-thinking individuals with hostility, as something which stands in their way of creating this glorious future techno utopia. They believe most people don’t know how to advance or make decisions for their own good. In Mirage, women do not have rights over their own bodies, and are forced to give birth, no matter what the condition of their pregnancy is. Even girls who are raped are forced to give birth. A lot of women and girls die as a result of this. This painting, WAGMI Disneyland is located in Mirage in the future. Sephora, the young girl pictured above with wings and a giant heart is friends with Tura, the leader of the Freezone resistance. Sephora is special because she was the first one to believe in Tura’s mission to dismantle Gigacorp. Sephora is defined by her pure heart and loyalty to her friend Tura. The painted scene below Sephora depicts a strange Ai event in history in 2023. This marked the first time in history that an Ai cartoon transcended the Ai-Reality barrier, and had a real world effect on history. Ai Minnie Mouse kidnapped Ron DeSantis from his home, and then transported him to Disneyland. Minnie had a special day planned for DeSantis at Disneyland: she planned to hold him high up with a stick, then drop him into a tank full of hungry piranhas ;)

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