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The Eternal Return
The Eternal Return
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The Eternal Return feat. Piichu The cycle of the eternal return, it's a force as old as the decaying corpses and cities that litter the earth. It’s not a thing that you can touch, nor hold, nor see, but it's there all the same. You can try to break it, to run from it, to fight it tooth and nail, but sooner or later, it'll come for you, just like it always has, and always will. It's like a river that flows, unrelenting, through the ages, a river that's fed by the same old streams, over and over again. It's like a dance that's been danced a million times, with the same old steps and the same old beat, and yet, somehow, we keep on dancing, as if we don't know any other way. And yet, for all that, there's something in us that yearns for more. Something that calls out to us from beyond, something that whispers to us of a life that's free from the chains that bind us to the past. 900*1600px MP4

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