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- Physical + Digital Painting - Size: 300 . 150 centimeter - Materials: Oil color and acrylic color on canvas - It took 3 months to draw this painting and I combined it with digital (paint with photoshp) "Zahhāk" also known as "Zahhak the Snake Shoulder" is an evil figure in Persian mythology. In the Shāhnāmah of Ferdowsi, Zahhāk changed from a supernatural monster into an evil human being. He is handsome and clever, but has no stability of character. Ahriman therefore chooses him as a tool to sow disorder and chaos. Zahhāk is willing to give Ahriman whatever he wants. Ahriman merely asks to kiss Zahhāk on his two shoulders, and Zahhāk permits this. Ahriman places his lips upon Zahhāk's shoulders and suddenly disappears. At once, two black snakes grow from Zahhāk's shoulders. Ahriman counsels Zahhāk that the only means of soothing the snakes and preventing them from killing him is to sate their hunger by supplying them with a stew made from two human brains (Young Men) every day.

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