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Celestial Being S11
Celestial Being S11
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CBS11 is a humanoid creature that lives on an average size planet. The world was once pristine with ice polls, massive oceans full of life forms, tropical rain forests, and arable land, but once the 'Visitors' arrived, things started to change dramatically. Many indigenous species died from a strange sickness brought by the visitors or were beaten and starved in their mines. The visitors mine constantly and burn the fossil fuels they find beneath the surface to make new spacecraft for their war, causing the planet to change. The ice polls have begun to melt, rain burns your skin, and the animals and vegetation are dying. Those who survive work constantly in the visitor's mines for little food, and the young go to fight in their war to send back food to their families, but they rarely return, and the food stops coming. The creature in the image is a freedom fighter, one of the thousands who have pledged to fight the visitors for their world, but it may be too late.

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