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Nyx Goddess of Darkness
Nyx Goddess of Darkness
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In the darkest hour of twilight, Nyx, one of the oldest deities in the universe, makes her appearance at the Moon carnival. Born in the first moments of creation, Nyx is a shadowy figure of incredible beauty and power. She's riding her chariot, covering the skies with her starry, dark hair. 
 Upon her arrival, the muses and the Sandman awaken to inspire beautiful dreams. Every wish that has been made is a star hanging like a jewel in her hair. Nyx is respected and revered by all of the nocturnal creatures. Laserian, God of the wild, is always by her side. He takes many forms, such as cheetah, owl, and wolf. 
 The carnival attendants offer Nyx moonstones to honour her and receive oracles. She gives them a prediction and guidance, blesses the moonstones with creativity and restoration, and returns them to their owners. Besides her prophetic powers, she is also a healer. Using the tranquil energy of the moon, Nyx heals emotional injuries, cleansing our hearts and subconscious minds.

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