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Knight Averardo de' Medici - House of Medici
Knight Averardo de' Medici - House of Medici
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Averardo de’ Medici (8th century - 9th century) – Il Padre Fondatore The oldest known ancestor of the House of Medici traces back to one of Charlemagne’s 8th century knights, Averardo. According to legend he was riding thru Mugello, a region of Tuscany north of Florence, when he encountered a giant terrorizing people. Averardo fought & killed the giant but his shield was heavily damaged from the iron balls of the giant’s mace. The balls on the Medici coat of arms, still seen throughout Florence, are said to be inspired by dents from the battle; others theorize these “palle” represent gold coins. Averardo settled in the nearby village of the thankful people, from which the Medici lineage sprang. Knight Averardo readies for battle, but before charging in he paradoxically doxxes himself and beneath the visor is perhaps even more of a legendary figure! Keen historians will recognize Charlemagne’s eagle emblem etched into the base of his blade. 1/1 NFT + Physical Oil painting on wood

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