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Halted Drawing speaks a few things. Thoughts I exhale superimposed on the asphalt that embodies the meaning of the series. It also references the title of a book, Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back. The Asphalt Drawing Series, as performances that are not performances transform the materiality of the street & in the process become “vehicles” for connection --something lacking for a lot of people along with movement & fresh air. This series reclaims our ground plane one drawing at a time as installations & performances with & within the city in motion, alive & changing. A drawing entangled with, created for & with neighbors & passersby. In Halted Drawing, the dancer entranced in her dance alarmed a town awakening from the reclusiveness of the pandemic. To our surprise, we picked a busy day --too busy for her trance, which halted traffic that led to the halting by a police officer of the art itself. Dancer: Cilla Vee Sound: Liz Lang

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