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Galata Blues
Galata Blues
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Galata Bridge is one of the best photographic places in Istanbul. You can shoot street photography with tourists, fishermen, or lovers passing the bridge. It is like a photographer's dream place. Also the stairs at the bridge give many photographic opportunities. In this picture, I liked the minimal composition, and I edited to pop up the blue color and I also strengthened the silhouette. Place: Galata Bridge-Istanbul/Turkey Date: 19/04/2014 Photographer: Masis Usenmez Bio: EFIAP honored, award-winning Armenian origin Turkish street and documentary photographer based in France. Edition: 1/1 License: Extended Editorial Can be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The license includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays by the NFT holder. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works.

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