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The Cult - Executive Producer
The Cult - Executive Producer
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By purchasing this NFT, you become an **Executive Producer** of the graphic novel **The Cult**. We will feature your name in the credits on the first spread. You will receive a dedicated, personalised signed copy of the hardcover graphic novel. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us on our ***Discord*** or social media channels for all information related to the book's credit and delivery. **WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?** Very soon, and in fact, even now, humanity is facing the impending question: save our planet or try to start everything from scratch on another? Most likely, the majority of our population will support the idea of ​​colonisation even if it turns out to be disastrous for our planet. The only argument favouring preserving life on Earth can be the hitherto mostly unexplored infinite potential of human consciousness. But can a spiritual minority oppose enlightenment to progress? Read more about this story [here](

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