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Oni Gozen was a noblewoman who lived in Japan in the 16th century. She was one of the female samurai who held the title of Onna-bugeisha during the Sengoku period. She was a tall, beautiful and dignified woman. She wasn't just a skilled martial artist. She was also an experienced and knowledgeable military commander. Oni Gozen's real name is Aiko No Kyōki. She was named "Oni" by her people for being an extremely brave and fearless female warrior. Oni was a violent and dangerous figure in Japanese art and literature, known for his evil nature with sharp claws and wild hair. Later she took the Japanese suffix "Gozen", meaning "honorable young lady". They called her Oni Gozen, "Lady Demon". She had sworn to "die in battle rather than commit seppuku (hara-kiri)" during a war campaign. Along with her daughter and 500 warriors under her command, Oni Gozen fearlessly defended her castle against the enemy army of 6,000 men. She managed to defeat the enemy with surprise attacks. 8K / 8000 px

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