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「幻想新世界」- one's ticket to remember-
「幻想新世界」- one's ticket to remember-
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過去現在未来をつなぐ幻想列車。 行き先は遠い記憶、想い溢れる今、希望の未来。 あの日あの時あの人に出会えたら かわっていたのかな? 想いが募り気がつけば乗っている幻想列車。 停車駅に待ち人現れる時 大きく動き出す思い出切符。 ___________________ A fantasy train that connects the past, present and future. The destination is a distant memory, a present overflowing with feelings, and a future of hope. If only I could have met that person that day, that time... I wonder if things would have been different. The fantasy train that you find yourself riding as your feelings grow. When the person waiting for you appears at the station... a ticket of memories that starts moving in a big way. _______________________ この作品の著作権はのまひろしにあります。 印刷して飾るのはOKです。 This work is copyrighted by Hiroshi Noma It is OK to print and display.

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