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Reflections of Joy
Reflections of Joy
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Nature'S Narrative

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Drift into the peaceful aftermath of a monsoon with this serene design. A pair of ducks, captured in their natural elegance, glide effortlessly across a still pond. Their contented quacks echo the joy of life that follows the storm. Accompanying this calming scene is a haiku that encapsulates the atmosphere: "Monsoon's aftermath - / gliding across the still pond / happy quacking ducks." The poem invites viewers to reflect on the tranquil moments that come after a storm, symbolizing peace after turmoil. This design harmoniously blends art and poetry, crafting a work that speaks volumes about nature's resilience and the tranquility that follows a storm. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this peaceful moment, and let it inspire you to find calm amidst life's storms. Designer: Maria Faith Garcia; Poet: Michael Ballard; Illustrator: Dana Nieve

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