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Lovely Human- JiNan Glasgow George
Lovely Human- JiNan Glasgow George
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This is a living utility NFT with the following benefits : 1) 5 hours of time with the expert 2) Re-sale and customization of the Artwork 3) Joint IP of the conversation which can be tokenized as a NFT with 90% of sale to you and expert 4) Access to exclusive community and events with all current and future experts 5) Your work with this expert will be showcased at the world’s first Metaverse Museum of Industry expert Wisdom. JiNan is the co-founder of Magic Number of the Forbes Tech Council and created two thought leader platforms for IP strategists: the NEO IP Linkedin forum and the Eclipse IP Futures Conference. In addition to her extensive expertise in intellectual property (IP) she is also an inventor, entrepreneur, patent attorney and former USPTO patent examiner which gives her both government and corporate perspectives for her intellectual property company growth strategies. As a result she managed to increase the valuation of the companies 5-15 times working on their IP strategies. In the past she has worked with Apple, Microsoft, Syngenta and Visa and she earned degrees in engineering, law, and theology from NC State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University, respectively.

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