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13 Rescues, 52 NFTs, 100% of proceeds supports rescue shelters, for life. About Charlie (Pitbull) Charlie’s owner got him to be a guard dog at his workshop. After Charlie proved too sweet to be threatening, the shop owner surrendered him to the streets where he was rescued. Despite the roughest start to his life, Charlie is the sweetest dog with both people and all dogs. About Rescued If dogs taught us anything, it’s to live in the moment. We slowed the moment down, shining a new light on rescue dogs. Each of these dogs has been rescued - Ziggy was shot (twice) and Tripper lost a leg - each has a story and has now found a home. Fellowship asked artist Carlo Van de Roer and his groundbreaking R&D studio Satellite Lab to create moving image portraits of this lucky pack, a collaboration to help save more dogs in need. Carlo makes use of his patented technology DynamicLight to capture each portrait in a sub-second decisive moment, which becomes explorable through moving light. This is accomplished using the world's fastest media camera and light sources moving at over five times the speed of sound. About Carlo Van de Roer Carlo Van de Roer is an artist from New Zealand, living in Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited at venues including M+B Gallery, Los Angeles; the New Museum, NY; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Léon, Spain; and Transformer Station Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH. His work is held in multiple Museum collections. As an inaugural participant in the New Museum’s New Inc program, Van de Roer co-founded a research and development lab with a focus on new photographic technology. This led to the invention and patenting of several groundbreaking technologies, including the first use of moving light within images arrested in time. About Best Friends Animal Society Today, roughly five hundred dogs will be killed in our nation’s shelters just because they didn’t have safe places to call home. We’re committed to changing that. 100% of all sales (excl. platform fees) will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society to support their mission to make every shelter in the US no-kill by 2025. Edition: 1 of 1 © Carlo Van de Roer

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