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Nemesi © 2022 - It is a process of digital oil painting and classical painting. These techniques are overlaid in several layers.   "First, I have to quote the words of the artist himself revealing what he is set on doing : " The message is to destroy the beauty of deceptive appearances. Penetrating the unfinished. Getting to the origin of all things ". In so doing, his exacerbated sensitivity will dissect his subjects , and, although obviously in love with Beauty, he will try not to succumb to it but give his new version of it...In the mean time, and whether intentional or not Beauty has become an underlying , endemic characteristic in his work. We can feel some kind of latent clash between his brain and his instinct (something he himself proclaims). Effectively, you can easily perceive , while studying his work, that he just wished he could let himself go...Paint them just as they are. But then, his brain will not allow him this luxury. His private demon will make him dig up a new way to uncover, to search , to judge and then reveal his discovery. He will always add a very soft quality to his touches , making us more susceptible and more responding to his message. All of his portraits bear a dreamlike aura, not forgetting though that nightmares are also dreams...The eyes being his main concern, he very successfully reaches, and depicts the innermost hidden, intricate meanders of the human mind." Layla Ibrahim

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