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This was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise that I captured from Kolukkumalai. I felt like Godzilla was trying to swallow the sun as I watched the scene. This is a one-of-a-kind rock formation that resembles a Godzilla or a Leopard. This can be seen from the sunrise point at Kolukkumalai. I love sunrises, as you all know, and Kolikkumalai is my go-to spot for a quick getaway. Kolukkumalai offers a unique vantage point for viewing the sunrise, and I particularly like the way Godzilla appears to be attempting to swallow the sun. I'd also like to give up all of my rights to this image, but I've decided to keep it under a CC0 license. This is the second NFT I've released under the CC0 license. I, Agnisoonu K, offer a global copyright license to download, distribute, and use as desired, without the requirement for permission from the artist or NFT owner. The license becomes effective only once the NFT has been sold.

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