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Wyld & Free This woman knows no bounds, no limits, physical or otherwise… Founded by Project Runway winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee, WYLD FLWR is a womenswear brand inspired by Trinidad Carnival & Burning Man and aims to empower women to experience true freedom and radical self expression, while affording financial independence to the women who manufacture the line. This genesis NFT collection, Wyld Ting features a collaboration of esteemed Caribbean creative and technology professionals and is the first of its kind from the region. Wyld Ting offers a creative, community-centric experience, true to festival culture, that both satisfies and transcends the idea of the physical garment itself. A portion of all NFT sales will go towards spöol, a women’s livelihood initiative facilitating economic independence for women in Trinidad & Tobago via the fashion and Carnival industries. Wyld & Free Perks: 1 pass to a future WYLD FLWR event 1 acrylic Infinite Object (6.8” x 4.45” x 0.9”)

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