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Bleeding Of Earth _ The Skull _ Body 04
Bleeding Of Earth _ The Skull _ Body 04
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The future is not real, it is an abstract. We tend to believe things that we can perceive through our senses. Faith as a concept that we often hypocritically apply to the satisfaction of our personal desires that we understand subjectively. Abstraction is the process of digging the mind into the layer of art and curiosity. Abstraction always helps to involve people in the frame. Perhaps it can compete with other forms of visual art in the world. The concept of "Bleeding Earth" is a conservation photographs that has developed through constant engagement with nature photography for spreading awareness . I am always try to keep my third person perspective in my conservation photographs, because I don't want to take credit to those images that testify to the concept of GOD. A third person who is always looking down, the creator, he might be thinking about why this unwanted creature created on earth. They are the reason for all the problems on earth. Dimension: 6250 X 4163 (300DPI)

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