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Capitol Creek
Capitol Creek
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This infrared-style image of Rock Creek Park’s historic Boulder Bridge in Washington, DC reveals a hidden part of the city with immense vibrance lying beneath its formal facade, showing the world that the district is more than just the seat of power. From folk to Fugazi, Marvin Gaye to go-go, and Bo Diddley to Duke Ellington, Washington has served as an artistic epicenter for the country for decades, exporting much more than simply the rule of law. Yet its 700,000 citizens remain trapped within the American rallying cry of “Taxation Without Representation,” unable to truly govern themselves without the approval of a Congress in which they cannot vote. This strained love of country reverberates across the United States, and is perhaps best expressed by Charles Bradley in his rendition of "God Bless America". In pursuit of equality and justice, half of the proceeds from this piece will go to 51 for 51, an organization fighting for DC statehood.

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