The Last 25 Years Series - Forest Patina

The Last 25 Years Series - Forest Patina

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Your chance to own a piece of ART history. View the entire series of 16 pieces here: This is a large (9,000 X 12,000) hi-definition image, a composite of faces pulled from paintings and drawings by New York artist Lou Patrou who has been creating art since the 1960s. This design is made up of work from the last 25 years all assembled into one stunning digital image. Prints have been exhibited at galleries in New York and Las Vegas and purchased by collectors. Collectively the individual artworks have been published in over 25 art & design magazines internationally as well as appearing in countless online art blogs over the decades. The characters "Hank & Sylvie" were created in 2010 as a pair of large black & white drawings done in pencil. They have been reproduced on multiple products and published around the world. Hank & Sylvie and Cootie Girl have been turned into their own clothing brands: and

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