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Forever Waiting
Forever Waiting
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The 24 seconds in this story represents the 24 hours in a day, and the daily routine tasks that compete for our attention. Most of us spend our days consumed by work, by distractions, and by media. We tend to forget what is truly important and what should be the priority: the love that quietly waits. In the pursuit of happiness, we find ourselves under the control of the red collar, the red tie, the red phone, and the other arresting demands of everyday modern life. “Forever Waiting” is a message that our time is precious. It is a reminder that, as we get older, the meaningful relationships - family, friends and companions - draw closer to an end. Life is short. Let’s not keep the ones we love forever waiting. This is my first NFT minted as part of the 0x Society Grants Program. Artwork rendered in 4K and 8K high quality compression for collectors.

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