Epoxy - Leader of Mumbai Mafia

Epoxy - Leader of Mumbai Mafia

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Celebrity Artist Miguel GORILLA Lopez, the former Animator and Character Designer for The Simpsons & Family Guy, collaborates with Artenvisage to create this very first 3D avatar for the Meowfia meta-world. Meowfia-verse will be the first of its kind, R-rated comedy Mafia parody experience, about criminal cats trying to take down The Don, John Gatto. Epoxy - The Head of the Mumbai Mafia and leader of the 3D crew. This cat is known to leave his calling card of his recent victims' 3D printed death mask. He has a thorn in his side, as he is currently having problems with a local group of thugs known as the Bombay boys a faction of John Gatto's crew. They are disrupting shipping and distribution along with causing major complications in his catnip business. Epoxy is seeking a freelancing hitman to take down the Bombay boys without it leading back to him. The holder of this NFT will be granted God-like status and access in the mewofia-verse.

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