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Weeping Widow and the Orphan Flower
Weeping Widow and the Orphan Flower
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Mixed media on canvas 16” x 20”/9800 x 12600 px, physical painting destroyed. The day I found out he’d died my heart cracked open. The first emotion I felt was relief – I was finally safe. Relief, freedom, being able to live and express myself fearlessly again…that’s where my emotions settled. Domestic violence causes little deaths inside of us even when everyone lives. The husband I once adored was dead to me and my son – it wasn’t safe for us to be near him. Pieces of my core being were ravaged. My wide open, trusting, joyful heart slammed shut. My son didn’t get to have me at my best for longer than I care to admit. My son and I were alone in the aftermath together, but we were separate because I couldn’t connect to anyone. Weeping Widow and the Orphan Flower is the foundation of my freedom and I give myself the gift of creating a new story. A blank slate.

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