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Unraveling #1 | Support Documenting Dissent
Unraveling #1 | Support Documenting Dissent
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This image was created during my documentary project in Nepal in 2006 documenting various aspects of the country's socioeconomic issues in a post conflict environment. I documented the women of this Maoist cadre while visiting a Maoist camp. This is the first image in a collection called Unraveling, which will go to support my work documenting dissent. In particular, the sales from this image will fund my coverage of the Women's March on July 9th in Washington DC in response to the recent reversal of Roe v Wade and the loss of my human rights. I can not sit by and do nothing, so I will document the unraveling of my country. Image Size 16.4M 2942px x 1950px 150 DPI 19.16 x 13 inches Shot on Illford Film using a Canon 1V

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