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Once upon a time, Los Angeles was an amazing place and the town I called home. I went there to work in the movies and TV, and I got my wish. I spent 14 years working with incredibly talented writers, directors, actors and studio executives. The world just seemed wide open to me and it was so intoxicating, I never wanted it to end. But over time, it did end. Now the city I loved and where I felt most at home is different. And it breaks my heart. I hope it can find its way again in the years to come. Mixed media pop art digital painting created from 7 separate drawings, paintings, photos and gradients layered onto one high-resolution digital canvas. This is a painting that attempts to marry conflict and competition, filtered to find the harmony and hope I want the final piece to convey. This painting is created in 8K resolution and is suitable for large-scale printing on art paper, if desired.

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