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Excited to have met the French artist Sigrid in Casablanca, on the occasion of the International Festival of Video Art and Art Migration in the Metaverse. An eccentric, lively, light-hearted and charismatic woman, she struck me right away. A few hours after our meeting outside the airport, I I asked her, in French, if she ever used the NFT tool to divulge her Art. Her answer was affirmative as well as her adherence to the project was immediate. A portrait of an artist whose latest work, presented at the Casablanca Festival, is entitled , not by chance, Serial Portraits. A singular project that of Sigrid, which offers each spectator to portray her with a drawing, placing the artist herself as a model and the spectator as inventor and creator. Sigrid therefore represents the perfect artist to portray photographically. With her avatar interconnected and hung around her neck, the same one that asks her viewers to portray her without looking at the sheet, Sigrid posed for me with elegance, kindness and class. I tried to portray her also with the drawing, like the other spectators, becoming part of her own work of art. In turn, through my photo, Sigrid entered her Serial Portraits. In perfect symbiosis we are part of each other's work, together her faithful and immortal avatar, in a game similar to that of mirrors capable of replicating images in an infinite fractal. Print Size: cm 64,2 x 48,2 - inches 25,3 x 19

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