ETH Price: $1,867.68 (-1.99%)
Gas: 21 Gwei
Paint Drop #4295 (1 Paint)
Paint Drop #4295 (1 Paint)
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0.33 ETH ($616.33)

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0.45 ETH ($840.46)
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PAINT is the building block to all of life in FewoWorld. "Paint Drops" are non-fungible, and every "Paint Drop" is a unique, generative piece of art, that holds a unique amount of “Paint”. The only Paint available is what will be minted in the initial "Paint Drop", what will be airdropped to past Paint Party attendees, and what will eventually be "mined" at future paint parties. Holders of “Paint Drops” will be able to eventually unlock or redeem things in FewoWorld, including Canvas, Fewos, and Fewo Fashion wearables. The more Paint in your “Paint Drop”, the more you’ll be able to unlock in FewoWorld.

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