The ENS Ethereum Address for this name is 0x2677e2d96e0b8fc8e6b49fc1e3cf5c7e35a5cdde
Also Accessible At blockchainbloggen.eth

LabelHash [blockchainbloggen]: 0x2f1b676dbb1ea0062ffd0fe232e3d77c7c178904b38f71414e927092809e2b3e

The ENS Name 'blockchainbloggen.eth' is Not Available for Reservation as It has been registered by someone else

Note : 0.01 Ether was locked up for this name And Expire At 7/8/2019 11:19:43 AM (UTC)

ENS Info [blockchainbloggen.eth]
  Status  : Owned [2]
  Winning Deed  : 0x4001f77945660932b5955eacd84713722dfcc42b
  Auction Started on  : 7/3/2017 11:19:43 AM (UTC)
  Submit Bids before  : 7/6/2017 11:19:43 AM (UTC)
  Reveal Bids By  : 7/8/2017 11:19:43 AM (UTC)
  Value  : 0.01 Ether ($2.01)
  Highest Bid  : 0.01 Ether ($2.01)
Name Info [blockchainbloggen.eth]
Reverse Name Lookup [0x2677e2d96e0b8fc8e6b49fc1e3cf5c7e35a5cdde]
  addr.reverse: 2677e2d96e0b8fc8e6b49fc1e3cf5c7e35a5cdde.addr.reverse
  Resolver Contract Address : 0x5fbb459c49bb06083c33109fa4f14810ec2cf358
  Reverse Name Lookup: blockchainbloggen.eth