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Artemine ICO Factory Service is now live and allows anyone to create fully compatible ERC20 Ethereum Tokens and ICO Smart Contracts with just one Artemine transaction.

BlockIDE is an integrated development environment that enables people with no blockchain development experience to create smart contracts on any blockchain.

CoinLaunch, a free and easy to use Coin Creator that enables anyone with little to no experience in cryptocurrencies the ability to create their own Ethereum-based ICO (ERC20 tokens).

Etherparty aim to build easy to use blockchain-based applications for the creation, use, and management of smart contracts.

Hexel lets you make a token for your community. Use it to trade stuff. Or keep track of reputation. Or compete. Or whatever you want.

MyWish is a platform for creating smart contracts without programming skills. The following contracts are available: Token, Crowdsale, Will, Deffered payment, etc.

A legal layer on top of blockchain that stitches together legal agreements with smart contracts

OpenZeppelin is an open framework of reusable and secure smart contracts in the Solidity language.

POA Network Token

Token Wizard is a client side tool to create token and crowdsale contracts in five steps. It helps you to publish contracts on the Ethereum network, verify them in Etherscan, create a crowdsale page with stats. is the platform where everyone can choose, deploy and manage a variety of smart contracts for different tasks without programming skills.

TokenGen provides an intuitive user interface allowing individuals and businesses to easily generate smart contracts for the token economy i.e. tokens, crowdsales, etc.


Validity Labs is supporting clients from ideation via token models to implementation and support of custom-built smart contracts with a focus on tokens and integration projects.

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