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CryptoFin Audit works with top teams in Ethereum like RareBits and dYdX, helping launch projects like ICOs, ERC721 collectibles, and more. CryptoFin Audit identifies bugs early, helps with architectural design, and provides a public report for your users and investors.

Fragmented security practices make it difficult for developers (and teams) to create secure dApps on their own. Having code thoroughly examined and tested by a third party professional security auditor is the best assurance against errors, omissions, and abuses.

Blockchain Labs

Over the last two years Blockchain Labs security & audit team have worked with a wide range of token/DApp projects performing security audits, defect analysis, gas optimization, best practice, and architecture advice to ensure robust smart contracts and platforms pre and post-ICO.

Code is Law. And bad code can indulge corrupt behavior. At BlockSoftLab we audit Smart Contracts: detect vulnerabilities and fix defects in order to ensure they fully comply with the business logic.

BountyOne Audits incentivizes auditors to seek the truth no matter what through a triple dutch audit. A set number of auditors pay(stake) to do an initial audit, those audit reports are audited, and finally the entire community completes a final audit.


Full service security audit for Solidity Smart contracts and DApps. Review the architecture of your smart contract, detect vulnerabilities, and ensure full compliance with the business logic.

CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform founded by Yale and Columbia University professors and former senior software engineers from Google and Facebook. CertiK aims at using DeepSpec techniques to build certified smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems that are bug-free and hacker-resistant.

ChainSecurity develops tools and provides services to ensure every blockchain project is secure.

Beijing ChainsGuard Network Technology Co., Ltd. Focus on blockchain security, including but not limited to Exchanges, wallets, chain’s nodes and mining pools security services, aiming to provide comprehensive security capabilities for the blockchain ecosystem. 

CM Blockchain Security

As part of list company Cheetah Mobile(NYSE:CMCM), CM Blockchain Security Center dedicate to provide security solution to blockchain industry, which ranges from the security of smart contract, Wallet, public chain, exchange, etc.

Security flaws, errors and inefficiencies can cost you a lot when deploying Smart Contracts to the Blockchain. We help companies optimize their Smart Contract’s code.

We help stakeholders confirm the logic, quality, and security of their Ethereum smart contracts using our comprehensive and standardized smart contract audit process. Our smart contract audits combine compliance, security, a comprehensive checklist of known pitfalls and attack vectors, Solidity design patterns and best practices.

Decenter is a team of experienced blockchain developers with a proven track record in building complex Ethereum-based DApps, such as MelonMail, Cryptographics, Cryptage, and Etherships. Their smart contract audits service provides you with an in-depth analysis of every aspect of a smart contract, including security testing, business logic review and gas usage optimization, all done through meticulous manual code review based on the latest best practices in the blockchain industry.

Experfy : Smart Contract

Experfy provides comprehensive and standardized audits of smart contracts through rigorous independent reviews. First, the smart contract is verified against our library of known issues that we have seen come up in dozens of reviews. Second, Experfy validate that your contract is performing the logic it was intended to and there are no security issues.

Hacken team analyses the smart contract’s functionality and performs all necessary checks against known vulnerabilities. Basic security audit includes manual codebase audit by Hacken consultants and automated tools security audit.


Hosho provides blockchain security services including smart contract auditing and penetration testing. Hosho mission is to ensure clients projects are free of security vulnerabilities that are generally avoidable when the proper security best practices are enforced.


To help you avoid common pitfalls the Top ICO List analysts have constructed a proven process for in-depth auditing your ICO to point out areas that need improvement.

Perform a comprehensive smart contract audit with a team of experienced security professionals to identify security flaws and functional issues in your smart contracts. Our audit report will give detailed descriptions of our findings and how to fix any issues, and can be used for listing on exchanges. 

John Wick Security

John Wick Security focuses on the blockchain ecosystem and provides services including deep penetration testing, smart contract auditing, overall security solutions, third party monitoring and early warning, and threat intelligence. 

LianAn Technology (Beosin)

LianAn Tech's VaaS smart contract verification tool is now online and free for trial. Chengdu LianAn Tech is the first company in China that applies formal verification to blockchain security by developing the VaaS platform – a verification tool for smart contract. Using formal verification methods, the VaaS platform achieves an accuracy rate of 95%, with over 500 smart contracts verified globally. LianAn’s team has applied formal verification in various fields including aviation and military technology, now LianAn has brought their experience to benefit blockchain.

MixBytes is a team of blockchain talent. We run audit of smart contracts, checking for vulnerabilities, logical errors, requirement compliance, and unit-tests. Our experience in the field of software security, in particular, the ICO and other dApps, allows our clients to be confident in the security of funds and transactions.

New Alchemy Security

New Alchemy delivers the best in the world of blockchain security. As industry pioneers we constantly work to raise the bar and catch security flaws before they compromise your success.

PeckShield is a blockchain security company which aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of entire blockchain ecosystem by offering top-notch, industry-leading services and products. PeckShield publishes trending reports and provides services and products to identify hidden vulnerabilities (e.g., in smart contracts and consensus protocols), expose zero-day exploits, and defend against emerging threats. Auditing and consulting services are also provided for our clientele and partners.

We're a group of whitehat hackers seasoned by many-year experience and have a deep understanding of the modern Internet technologies. We do a comprehensive security analysis of web and mobile apps, whether they have smart-contract as a backend or have not. Of course, we do smart contracts audit also.

Quantstamp is a Y Combinator-backed security company developing a new protocol for smart contract security. The company enables blockchains, developers, and users to easily verify the security of smart contracts. Quantstamp envisions a world built on smart contracts by having a team with decades of combined experience in software security, formal verification and static analysis with over 500 Google scholar citations.

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