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Completely independent publication covering cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web.

ETHNews is an emerging provider of Ethereum and Blockchain ecosystem news.


Smith + Crown is the world’s leading blockchain research organization. Studying the breadth of the public blockchain space with a focus on global trends, industry intelligence, and cryptoeconomic systems.

Blockonomi is a fast-growing blog launched in 2017 which aims to cover aspects of Cryptocurrencies, fintech and the blockchain economy.

The latest news, prices, charts, guides and analysis from the world leader in bitcoin, crypto and blockchain tech.

News source written for everyone dealing with FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Payments and Internet of Things.

CoinWolf is a news site covering cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, decentralized applications, and the next-gen web. It offers the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community."

Internet web-portal, displaying the latest, most accurate crypto, blockchain & ICO news from around the world

Cryptoknowmics is a global cryptocurrency news and market data provider, giving investors both retail and institutional access to real-time news, media, markets and pricing data on coins, tokens, and exchanges. is a news aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. CryptoPanic now has also portfolio tracking and other useful features. is the biggest marketplace and data analytics platforms for decentralize application across all blockchains. 

HOT List

The Latest Crypto News and ICO Updates - Hot List News, founded by Rohit Kukreja, a blockchain enthusiast is India's one the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news website. Anything happening in India related to cryptocurrency/blockchain be it Regulation, Meetup, Conference etc can be found on

The Dapp

Ethereum ecosystem updates from Sourcerers.

Latests news on all things Blockchain, Ethereum, IoT, Fintech and Bitcoin.

Week in Ethereum

Ethereum News and Links curated by Evan Van Ness.

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