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I sent this to my JAXX chrome extension yesterday but can't retrieve it due to me not writing down the seed phrase to restore. Please advise

Posted By Justin Graves
2017-12-16 12:50:48
Transaction 0x67730e053e49b77313e9c39f3f4360887c1888e98e5c92966a2f7c6e6c5eb482

hei can you give back my 0.01 Ether i accidentally enter a wrong address please. Its against my will Tx--- 0x67730e053e49b77313e9c39f3f4360887c1888e98e5c92966a2f7c6e6c5eb482 From: 0x6c5f99c77fb9a71f70cbd43c8008feef0df8bebf To: 0xf304c1a3a432ca5f65325...

Posted By Von Dutch
2017-12-16 12:23:35
Transaction 0xc31583f4bfa48e5136be2659b64fa73b3f27bd38ce43665536b768522346e8ce

hei can you give back my 0.01 Ether i accidentally enter a wrong address please. Its against my will Tx--- 0xc35e9129d87ce4a9ba68f8bc9aee3050890fbe58c56a87b5273180daa5ba988d From: 0x6c5f99c77fb9a71f70cbd43c8008feef0df8bebf To: 0x446fa0c8ead753c7abf0b...

Posted By Von Dutch
2017-12-16 12:21:10
Transaction 0xc35e9129d87ce4a9ba68f8bc9aee3050890fbe58c56a87b5273180daa5ba988d

hei can you give back my 0.01 Ether i accidentally enter a wrong address please. Its against my will Tx--- 0xc35e9129d87ce4a9ba68f8bc9aee3050890fbe58c56a87b5273180daa5ba988d From: 0x6c5f99c77fb9a71f70cbd43c8008feef0df8bebf To: 0x446fa0c8ead753c7abf0...

Posted By Von Dutch
2017-12-16 12:20:14

Again, I cant make out a valid argument here. But, I "marked" your words, looking forward replying to this comment in a few months again.

Posted By der brecher
2017-12-16 12:12:29

I bought Evion and made a mistake, i wrote coinbase adress on where the tokens where going. And now they stuck. can any one help me? They lost? ?

Posted By Danish Nasir
2017-12-16 11:56:08

0x3dee5d266699fe4a5c10dad5a9b36a7bb8247187 Hey what shoud i do ??can someoane help me pls

Posted By Dragoiu Ciprian
2017-12-16 11:55:07

Geiler Typ.

Posted By Andre Bender
2017-12-16 11:53:48

How do I transfer POWR tokens from Ether Blockchain to my Jax wallet?

Posted By Barbara Lowe
2017-12-16 11:50:44

What shoud i do??

Posted By Dragoiu Ciprian
2017-12-16 11:43:19
Transaction 0xff978ebae540128c1c47b3ad03461b5eaab8f874c3385b55de3c2ef30a8f5cc6

Hi, i bought Envion. And i wrote my coinbase wallet because i have never done tokens before, and i also sent from coinbase to the adress Envion asked me to. Are they gone forever? Plz help

Posted By Danish Nasir
2017-12-16 11:42:23

Why my transfer to address : 0xf6617958cfdc8f1ae31e83800464e32ce95d0a8e ? I want transfer to address : 0x7c32f550f9a833ef471a164f415aa3f360e12261

Posted By Chanunphorn
2017-12-16 11:32:16

Hello, this is Shawn Mclean from Ankorus. I see that you attempted some transfers of our token. Transfers of our tokens are blocked until the end of our ICO, which occurs Dec 26, GMT. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Posted By Shawn McLean
2017-12-16 10:50:19

I just sent some ETH from Metamask to EtherDelta using GAS setting 1.... Taking aaaaaages.

Posted By DoubleDRAGAN
2017-12-16 10:32:24

It's the RentBerry's ICO?

Posted By aledev
2017-12-16 10:20:14
Transaction 0xab7a31396ceba5e4a6bf2416ca6c264a809cfcf33e32faee723553c98744198c

Please check my transfer ETH. I saw TxReceipt Status ‘Success’, but I don’t receive.

Posted By Chanunphorn
2017-12-16 10:10:37

I used GATEHUB since 2 mouths i had already some xrp i transfert 3 days ago some ETH it is not the first time but this one they never came .....

Posted By florian palmaro
2017-12-16 09:56:06

48 HOURS they have my eth and no answers from gatehub ....

Posted By florian palmaro
2017-12-16 09:53:48
Transaction 0x283b3e353be9cfe60126b1e5be40114360f7a3a236e69908bd16b3e044c04469

hello i make this yesterday two transfers and didn't get them yet.anyone knows why i had this delay?

Posted By Antonis Stavrou
2017-12-16 09:46:27

Hello, I did not receive the bitcoins

Posted By Zoetzure Saus
2017-12-16 09:39:40

sent ether to ledger from coinbas last night (twice) that's 13 hours ago and it hasn't arrived. is this normal folks? bitcoin went in seconds and arrived straight away

Posted By Caller Idmail
2017-12-16 09:27:14

Any news about the transactions? Been waiting for 36 hours now and really getting pissed about the money I am missing during this!

Posted By Nivlac
2017-12-16 08:49:25

Because he is a scam, once you sent 1 ETH and you will get nothing!

Posted By Bowen
2017-12-16 08:43:00

Hay Master Send me some Ether 0xf9e9fF362E3A01239384259CEF175DFF0231d59c

Posted By Amlan Mallick
2017-12-16 08:41:38

I also apply for your airdrop. Hopefully can get my BCR soon.

Posted By Nurul Hafizah
2017-12-16 07:35:12

Hi Bitcoin Royal Team, I just successes transferred 0.04 Ether ($27.34) to your address with TXHash: 0xf63fdf47e729e9ae32e437798d010994d71d8f90648b7e487ba137ab4b6a18e4 to buy your BCR token with price of $.01 = 1 BCR. Expected to received min 2734 BC...

Posted By Nurul Hafizah
2017-12-16 07:30:43

Looks like I am not the only one to lose Ethereum that was sent to a Gatehub ETH Wallet. I am going on 2 days so far. MY coinbase accounts says that everything has been completed, this sucks.

Posted By Rory Federico
2017-12-16 07:21:45

I think my 2.07 Ethereum got hijacked!!! I sent it from Coinbase to Gatehub Wallet: 0xbfbac265359410a63e49097cdc825cd96ef5c087 and it has been almost 2 days and not arrived

Posted By Rory Federico
2017-12-16 06:59:42

I had a problem exactly same thing, I transferred My ETH from Coibase to GateHub but My account from Gatehub hasn't verify yet. So I can't receive my ETH. How can I get them back as well????

Posted By Khoa Huynh
2017-12-16 06:51:00

I accidently transferred my EOS to an ETH address in an Exchange. The ETH address is accepted and whole transaction went through. However, it has been almost 3 days and the ETH has not arrived yet. Did I lost my EOS? Did I mess it up? Did I lost my E...

Posted By Wei Zhao
2017-12-16 06:25:15

I am not sure who sent this from my account but it wasn't me. to account number: 0x2358f08f0b523df52a4a20b1ce6f910d17584d1143e5a38e6db676cc50dff4 Transaction Number: 0xaa1a8625d770e6b8e620fab7bb522f31780b876185da297d56095d4d0fe4beb0 Can someone ...

Posted By Richard Miller
2017-12-16 06:23:14

It will take ages to get your initial investment back :) Years, mark my words

Posted By Xaos
2017-12-16 06:09:17

yes orginal envion scam

Posted By Xaos
2017-12-16 06:08:41

Created a support ticket, but no answer so far. Now waiting for 30 hours! Really missing out here!

Posted By Nivlac
2017-12-16 06:08:05
Transaction 0xa27d847508f94876532b13a622d87e14e1b099a278e02e96cda5633598acfe81

I have unfortunately sent this Ethereum to your address by accident. Would there be any scope to retrieve it? Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew D - [email protected]

Posted By Andrew Donaldson
2017-12-16 06:07:40

I have unfortunately sent my Ethereum by accident to your wallet. Would there be any scope to retrieve this? Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew D ([email protected])

Posted By Andrew Donaldson
2017-12-16 06:06:06
BlockNo 4731560

Did not received my GRX It is already IN

Posted By Greg Peralta
2017-12-16 06:01:09

help me.... 2 . 0411 Ether not yet out

Posted By Coin Danang
2017-12-16 05:58:28

Hacked from My MEW (0x463491C9FEeD2Ae28d8Be20b316B64Dd42f5B2A8) at 17.12.15 22:10(UTC+9)

Posted By 한창규
2017-12-16 05:40:25
Transaction 0x78e5e45a9e9ec2135bd9d64bcee80d20521f8ebbf2752c89a465743a5e27efc3

TX Hash: 0x78e5e45a9e9ec2135bd9d64bcee80d20521f8ebbf2752c89a465743a5e27efc3 Could you please advise me on how to recover my ETH linked to this transaction. It was supposed to go to my Bittrex ETH wallet and still isn't showing up in my account. I hav...

Posted By Chris
2017-12-16 05:40:05

please send my LOC, COB, ETH (1.4352272875), and PRIX back!! Kindly send them back to the address you got them from: 0x2dF6AA92F209859e4E3333A508B563D9140D3bFD

Posted By fellowplanet
2017-12-16 05:39:58

they are pending approval then i'll take a look at your BAT tokens okay

Posted By Zumba Louse
2017-12-16 05:02:48

Scammed me out of 4 ETH. If you send it back to my address within the next 4 hours I will not hire my buddies to track you down (and THEY WILL track you down). I've got your info on Telegram and will find you. I will not get the Bread team involved, ...

Posted By Will Find You
2017-12-16 04:47:08

0x2318987cf8E8D0E6eE22715DAEf445D2f0E0583c Any donation please

Posted By Qltair Altair
2017-12-16 04:33:30

hello, i accidentally sent some BAT tokens to this address today. Would it be possible to recover, please send to this ETH address: 0x266Df5522c372FD117E08047d74416f5C3d04e54 Thank you https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/efb111ca60d0ecb1598050ce75d...

Posted By D Rose
2017-12-16 04:26:37
Transaction 0x38d86a052566057c8782215e0c815e6c9c4342d33f914a84e98135250dc168b8

Hi , Please return my 1.07 ETh to wallet Who are you

Posted By vaibhav kaware
2017-12-16 04:07:01

who are you? you took my money

Posted By Henry Hraibe
2017-12-16 04:06:44

Please dont hack me 0x63B3Bcb834A0Bd339655B505FBCA0460FEf2730b :)

Posted By Walter Weaver
2017-12-16 03:56:00

Woah! 0x63B3Bcb834A0Bd339655B505FBCA0460FEf2730b I posted just in case this is real

Posted By Walter Weaver
2017-12-16 03:53:15

Does this really work? 0x409787f6ec05b8ef8e3b447018728eba2e392b6b :) worth a try

Posted By Walter Weaver
2017-12-16 03:50:15
Transaction 0xef0c76d154adc2eb0269e08459907c888f3aeb67f3718dbfafe99bcb5b86840e

Not sure why my ETH got transfer to this address, can you please check it should go to my address in gatehub. 0xe3bc7f862b0a136b702e9735f06b69d2e6d3cf56

Posted By Nilesh R
2017-12-16 03:49:16

i haven't receive it at Gatehub. Could someone checks for me please???

Posted By Khoa Huynh
2017-12-16 03:26:03
Transaction 0x389cb84bb5bc2cabd19f73c4983c78aaf25b414c477c87f1d4b964e150452e8f

I haven't receive yet at Gatehub. Could someone checks for me please???

Posted By Khoa Huynh
2017-12-16 03:17:51

thanks for the heads up

Posted By Zumba Louse
2017-12-16 03:05:10
Transaction 0x3710d77c1c49e9f5b02f9ebef5605240b53f18caa976437dfc58de0b6ca067ba

What's going on here? Why out of gas, shapeshift support doesn't reply my help at all, I didn't even get the amount after I exchange the currency. Please help, thank you.

Posted By Ahmad Aiman
2017-12-16 03:04:44
Transaction 0x8f048c26536a5d4b7a780b8c22770282313e945683f57d3ca19d66cc70355437

bro how long till you get your 40 ETH from C-Cex ? My ETH withdrawal is stuck too with invalid txid :(

Posted By Muhammad Rusdianor
2017-12-16 02:56:12

same here..what is going on?!?!??!?

Posted By Kevin Andres
2017-12-16 02:54:40

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/884c25a295cebb7e4561f4f63cfcd41e77dc24160b30d0f7c573ed3b5d616be7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b2ac928d83660645d44ed7d87feb8d9a0bc3b86ca6a8acf3cb8afe7dda8e27fb.jpg

Posted By Jerry Smith
2017-12-16 02:35:29

Fuck off scammer

Posted By No
2017-12-16 02:22:32

Quit your scamming fucktard

Posted By No
2017-12-16 02:20:01
Ethereum Accounts, Address and Contracts | EtherScan

What exchange does this address belong to?

Posted By Crypto
2017-12-16 02:12:40
Transaction 0x9d53afccaf4b373581acffaebc3f88386bb71c4773c4db4ebdf5dbf3fe592bdb

what is the gatehub address

Posted By Zumba Louse
2017-12-16 02:11:04
Transaction 0x9d53afccaf4b373581acffaebc3f88386bb71c4773c4db4ebdf5dbf3fe592bdb

24 hours and still has not posted at @GateHub

Posted By hamiljs
2017-12-16 01:59:40

Wallet is fraudulent. I gave them .05 ETH with the belief they would reinvest it. They asked for more ETH and I never heard from them.

Posted By Collins6542
2017-12-16 01:59:19

Have you logged in and ran through the checklist they have added to your account page? You may have to add the custom token to your ethereum address which is part of the checklist, it takes you through the steps.

Posted By Jay B.
2017-12-16 01:58:12

It's an ERC-20 token so your private key is that of your ethereum address you locked in to receive your tokens.

Posted By Jay B.
2017-12-16 01:57:06

how do I retrieve my Private Key of this Blockchain

Posted By Adam Giuliani
2017-12-16 01:50:13
Transaction 0xc86eb2207f644bbe31205f67714bcdbaa757c2b23368c18f0d8efe07fd3158f8

I accidentally sent this ether to what I had saved as etherdelta address and never sent directly to etherdelta as I always sent to mew and have account linked. I do not see the ether in etherdelta, is there a way to retrieve this ether?

Posted By Pat
2017-12-16 01:43:27
Transaction 0xd9f7c2fd1a5fc146820e9ed8faac0fdc300f003dd9f87ff6fba7df8a84bfcee5

Did anyone get their ETH yet?

Posted By asho M
2017-12-16 01:38:27

Hi, any chance you could return my 10 ETH sent by mistake in the deepbrain ICO pls? ;p 0x9735596190a16145F256B993e29A58054E0c7B3a or even 9, 1 for yr trouble!

Posted By 4ndy C
2017-12-16 01:36:13
Transaction 0xd9f7c2fd1a5fc146820e9ed8faac0fdc300f003dd9f87ff6fba7df8a84bfcee5

I have not get my ethereum yet, anyone receive their eth, or get answer ???? what is happening here??

Posted By asho M
2017-12-16 01:34:21
Transaction 0xafcf5d3497909e45eab657fc05b1627dba8f429199f94c648d9109f4a54bbf83

I Sent ethereum to my account a week ago and I didn't received yet, I remember i alot of people were having the same issue and I though it will go through eventually. nothing yet. Any though

Posted By asho M
2017-12-16 01:28:08

hi guys i sent etheruem from coinbase to gatehub but my trustline isnt connected because i have no xrp (the reason i opened up the account was to buy ripple) can anyone help me? my transaction is now going on 28 hours

Posted By Damien Conway
2017-12-16 01:15:34

How do i get atm chain?

Posted By John Doe
2017-12-16 01:12:05

You may always get back to me on e-mail which is [email protected]

Posted By nicodounavis
2017-12-16 01:10:15