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This is a collection of all the historic (planned and unplanned) hard forks that the Ethereum Network has gone through. A hard fork occurs when there is a change in the underlying Rules of the Protocol. The most notable of this was the DAO Hard fork

Height Age txn Uncles Miner GasUsed GasLimit Avg.GasPrice Reward
4370000401 days 11 hrs ago970BitClubPool6609719 (98.57%)670580622.20 Gwei3.14673 Ether
2675000729 days 38 mins ago150ethfans.org1312529 (65.63%)200000021.75 Gwei5.02855 Ether
2463000764 days 3 hrs ago00MiningPoolHub_20 (0.00%)500000-5 Ether
1920000854 days 3 hrs ago40bw.com84000 (1.78%)471238420.00 Gwei5.00168 Ether
1150000981 days 22 hrs ago90DwarfPool_1649041 (13.77%)471238888.84 Gwei5.05766 Ether
2000001170 days 19 hrs ago00Suprnova_10 (0.00%)3141592-5 Ether
11210 days 1 hr ago000x05a56e2d52c817161883f50c441c3228cfe54d9f0 (0.00%)5000-5 Ether

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