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Gas: 57 Gwei




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0.000502252695294 ETH

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$1.60 (@ $3,184.98/ETH)

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Transaction Hash
Transfer140869532022-01-27 9:40:33760 days 11 hrs ago1643276433
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.12788473 ETH0.00224356106.83666633
Release All139448892022-01-05 10:18:28782 days 10 hrs ago1641377908
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0461124474.66586754
0x60806040138502332021-12-21 18:47:05797 days 2 hrs ago1640112425
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0587700945
Release138223912021-12-17 11:28:12801 days 9 hrs ago1639740492
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0090851742.04544503
Transfer138223842021-12-17 11:26:50801 days 9 hrs ago1639740410IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.244278 ETH0.0008503340.49217925
Transfer134863252021-10-25 11:28:39854 days 9 hrs ago1635161319
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.03467408 ETH0.0013179762.76080869
0x60806040134847472021-10-25 5:37:45854 days 15 hrs ago1635140265
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0642043860
Transfer134846622021-10-25 5:18:29854 days 15 hrs ago1635139109IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.1 ETH0.0015774775.11772973
Transfer134687202021-10-22 17:25:28857 days 3 hrs ago1634923528
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.04545131 ETH0.00216061102.88652376
Transfer134677962021-10-22 13:52:48857 days 7 hrs ago1634910768
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.3 ETH0.0012813961.01864376
Transfer134669252021-10-22 10:37:35857 days 10 hrs ago1634899055
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.5 ETH0.0010584650.40297445
Transfer134669112021-10-22 10:35:33857 days 10 hrs ago1634898933IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.85 ETH0.0014629669.66514847
Transfer133717342021-10-07 12:06:19872 days 9 hrs ago1633608379
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.09432687 ETH0.0015109371.94914646
Transfer133144602021-09-28 13:17:06881 days 7 hrs ago1632835026
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.1 ETH0.0018313287.20584735
Transfer132834222021-09-23 17:52:23886 days 3 hrs ago1632419543
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.1 ETH0.0020673298.44386986
Transfer132757782021-09-22 13:13:14887 days 8 hrs ago1632316394IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.3 ETH0.0012119557.71226779
Transfer132754292021-09-22 11:57:03887 days 9 hrs ago1632311823
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.19794915 ETH0.0009902347.15408136
Transfer132741302021-09-22 7:01:52887 days 14 hrs ago1632294112
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.2 ETH0.0010155948.36167022
Transfer132741222021-09-22 6:59:30887 days 14 hrs ago1632293970IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.4 ETH0.0007625136.31044391
Transfer132691972021-09-21 12:42:37888 days 8 hrs ago1632228157
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.40020262 ETH0.0013182862.77548372
0x60806040132689912021-09-21 11:56:59888 days 9 hrs ago1632225419
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0706190840
0x60806040132679962021-09-21 8:22:45888 days 12 hrs ago1632212565
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0266437640
Transfer132634582021-09-20 15:35:11889 days 5 hrs ago1632152111
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.2 ETH0.0015169672.23632613
Transfer132632932021-09-20 14:59:54889 days 6 hrs ago1632149994IN
Mimo Capital: Deployer
0.7 ETH0.00233786111.32700309
Transfer132436472021-09-17 14:12:50892 days 7 hrs ago1631887970
Mimo Capital: Deployer
OUT0.12638374 ETH0.0010883551.8263898
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