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Exec Transaction187190852023-12-05 8:54:352 days 18 hrs ago1701766475IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0205626844.26194188
Exec Transaction184271382023-10-25 12:06:2343 days 15 hrs ago1698235583IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0193918813.09291884
Exec Transaction183613532023-10-16 7:09:5952 days 20 hrs ago1697440199IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.000601185.45819271
Exec Transaction183600972023-10-16 2:57:5953 days 38 mins ago1697425079IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.000773517.61450095
Exec Transaction183322362023-10-12 5:26:2356 days 22 hrs ago1697088383IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.012594536.22887825
Exec Transaction182621682023-10-02 10:11:5966 days 17 hrs ago1696241519IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.00109359.94583883
Exec Transaction181621142023-09-18 10:02:5980 days 17 hrs ago1695031379IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.001768411.62256559
Exec Transaction181620822023-09-18 9:56:3580 days 17 hrs ago1695030995IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0011342610.31884682
Exec Transaction181330442023-09-14 7:31:1184 days 20 hrs ago1694676671IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0252465612.2785748
Exec Transaction180612632023-09-04 6:16:1194 days 21 hrs ago1693808171IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.001279911.6424883
Exec Transaction180262672023-08-30 8:36:2399 days 19 hrs ago1693384583IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0110577618.67404619
Exec Transaction179526742023-08-20 1:25:59110 days 2 hrs ago1692494759IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0014855213.51141246
Exec Transaction179245092023-08-16 2:47:23114 days 49 mins ago1692154043IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0067611919.57467827
Exec Transaction179194682023-08-15 9:52:23114 days 17 hrs ago1692093143IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0193131815.33812646
Exec Transaction177668412023-07-25 1:29:23136 days 2 hrs ago1690248563IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0215199520.53046603
Exec Transaction176614982023-07-10 6:30:35150 days 21 hrs ago1688970635IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.002278416
Exec Transaction172946302023-05-19 16:10:23202 days 11 hrs ago1684512623IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0664849569
Exec Transaction168450702023-03-17 4:10:23265 days 23 hrs ago1679026223IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.030712616
Exec Transaction165920662023-02-09 15:23:35301 days 12 hrs ago1675956215IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0036862633
Exec Transaction165920352023-02-09 15:17:11301 days 12 hrs ago1675955831IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.01361836.8093995
Exec Transaction165908182023-02-09 11:12:23301 days 16 hrs ago1675941143IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.010918926.41602495
Exec Transaction165690312023-02-06 10:04:47304 days 17 hrs ago1675677887IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.005494119.73783916
Exec Transaction162335702022-12-21 14:07:59351 days 13 hrs ago1671631679IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0017648514.88309438
Exec Transaction162335652022-12-21 14:06:59351 days 13 hrs ago1671631619IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0042074715.07902504
Exec Transaction159831102022-11-16 14:13:59386 days 13 hrs ago1668608039IN
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0 ETH0.0026245319.7426612
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184271382023-10-25 12:06:2343 days 15 hrs ago1698235583
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
17 ETH
184271382023-10-25 12:06:2343 days 15 hrs ago1698235583
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
17.15972404 ETH
168450702023-03-17 4:10:23265 days 23 hrs ago1679026223
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
168450702023-03-17 4:10:23265 days 23 hrs ago1679026223
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
6.43499344 ETH
143509702022-03-09 6:16:29638 days 21 hrs ago1646806589
AladdinDAO: Community Multisig
0.5 ETH
122429642021-04-15 6:12:48966 days 21 hrs ago1618467168  Contract Creation0 ETH

Similar Match Source Code
This contract matches the deployed Bytecode of the Source Code for Contract 0x655A9e...7e966e18
The constructor portion of the code might be different and could alter the actual behaviour of the contract

Contract Name:

Compiler Version

Optimization Enabled:
No with 200 runs

Other Settings:
default evmVersion, MIT license
 *Submitted for verification at on 2020-01-13

pragma solidity ^0.5.3;

/// @title Proxy - Generic proxy contract allows to execute all transactions applying the code of a master contract.
/// @author Stefan George - <[email protected]>
/// @author Richard Meissner - <[email protected]>
contract Proxy {

    // masterCopy always needs to be first declared variable, to ensure that it is at the same location in the contracts to which calls are delegated.
    // To reduce deployment costs this variable is internal and needs to be retrieved via `getStorageAt`
    address internal masterCopy;

    /// @dev Constructor function sets address of master copy contract.
    /// @param _masterCopy Master copy address.
    constructor(address _masterCopy)
        require(_masterCopy != address(0), "Invalid master copy address provided");
        masterCopy = _masterCopy;

    /// @dev Fallback function forwards all transactions and returns all received return data.
    function ()
        // solium-disable-next-line security/no-inline-assembly
        assembly {
            let masterCopy := and(sload(0), 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff)
            // 0xa619486e == keccak("masterCopy()"). The value is right padded to 32-bytes with 0s
            if eq(calldataload(0), 0xa619486e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) {
                mstore(0, masterCopy)
                return(0, 0x20)
            calldatacopy(0, 0, calldatasize())
            let success := delegatecall(gas, masterCopy, 0, calldatasize(), 0, 0)
            returndatacopy(0, 0, returndatasize())
            if eq(success, 0) { revert(0, returndatasize()) }
            return(0, returndatasize())

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