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Transaction Hash
Send To L2159704932022-11-14 19:53:23134 days 6 hrs ago1668455603
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.01 ETH0.0016828823.2793059
Transfer156752162022-10-04 13:58:23175 days 12 hrs ago1664891903
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.73182631 ETH0.0003864618.40295451
Transfer155540842022-09-17 15:06:35192 days 11 hrs ago1663427195IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.69374871 ETH0.000189989.04707935
Purchase155219272022-09-12 16:45:01197 days 10 hrs ago1663001101
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0025556127.54964453
Mint154352422022-08-29 16:45:18211 days 10 hrs ago1661791518
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.06 ETH0.0047754317.03725288
Transfer154169722022-08-26 18:42:12214 days 8 hrs ago1661539332IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.1 ETH0.000447721.31922783
Transfer147625862022-05-12 18:14:19320 days 8 hrs ago1652379259
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.005768 ETH0.00284281135.37195675
Set Approval For...147122892022-05-04 17:34:03328 days 9 hrs ago1651685643
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0036553978.20710132
Transfer144520832022-03-24 23:59:43369 days 2 hrs ago1648166383
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.0007581536.10240286
Register With Co...142720262022-02-25 0:14:47397 days 2 hrs ago1645748087
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.00211856 ETH0.0127335349.59062213
Commit142720142022-02-25 0:12:11397 days 2 hrs ago1645747931
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0023136750.00700097
Transfer142574642022-02-22 18:26:59399 days 8 hrs ago1645554419IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.02736049 ETH0.00227257108.21802735
Cancel Order_141361442022-02-04 0:02:03418 days 2 hrs ago1643932923
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.00979202130.66839981
Cancel Order_141300022022-02-03 1:00:29419 days 1 hr ago1643850029
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.00848233113.20952309
Cancel Order_141300002022-02-03 0:59:26419 days 1 hr ago1643849966
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.006735289.89143506
Cancel Order_141299972022-02-03 0:58:52419 days 1 hr ago1643849932
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0065894292.89520179
Set Approval For...141215502022-02-01 17:47:58420 days 9 hrs ago1643737678
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.00647356138.50163752
Register Proxy141215482022-02-01 17:47:42420 days 9 hrs ago1643737662
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.05372151135.11378215
Transfer141172792022-02-01 1:51:51421 days 1 hr ago1643680311IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.06815529 ETH0.00310364147.7926617
Mint141170662022-02-01 1:06:35421 days 1 hr ago1643677595
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.075 ETH0.00968966119.05368624
Transfer141170542022-02-01 1:04:00421 days 1 hr ago1643677440IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.06856338 ETH0.00223012106.19651343
Mint141169162022-02-01 0:33:19421 days 2 hrs ago1643675599
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.15 ETH0.02242734157.45777863
Transfer140765162022-01-25 19:05:01427 days 7 hrs ago1643137501
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0.03005393 ETH0.00361381172.08630628
Set Name139101692021-12-31 1:32:49453 days 1 hr ago1640914369
ENS Name meadoe.eth
OUT0 ETH0.01347056105.62994402
Transfer138960792021-12-28 21:08:41455 days 5 hrs ago1640725721IN
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.26160889 ETH0.0017899985.23779034
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Parent Txn Hash Block From To Value
159704772022-11-14 19:50:11134 days 7 hrs ago1668455411
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.03878578 ETH
142720262022-02-25 0:14:47397 days 2 hrs ago1645748087
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.0002022 ETH
138518552021-12-22 0:37:32462 days 2 hrs ago1640133452
ENS Name meadoe.eth
0.00012432 ETH

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