ETH Price: $1,622.09 (-0.94%)
Gas: 11 Gwei


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0.504548333994004331 ETH

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$818.42 (@ $1,622.09/ETH)

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Transaction Hash
Revoke Minter181337752023-09-14 9:58:236 days 22 hrs ago1694685503
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0005580612.26471942
Revoke Role181337242023-09-14 9:47:596 days 23 hrs ago1694684879
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0006225212.9740335
Create Override ...172241952023-05-09 16:52:23134 days 15 hrs ago1683651143
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.04482121127.65939467
Add Minter168778172023-03-21 18:34:47183 days 14 hrs ago1679423687
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.002235428.35867613
Set Token URI Pr...159978682022-11-18 15:42:47306 days 17 hrs ago1668786167
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0005739914.0595747
Add Minter159976972022-11-18 15:08:23306 days 17 hrs ago1668784103
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0022959622.7107583
Set Season Suppl...159697092022-11-14 17:16:23310 days 15 hrs ago1668446183
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0009614620.73783062
Set Token URI Pr...159027882022-11-05 9:01:23319 days 23 hrs ago1667638883
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0017649615.39185228
Add Minter159027712022-11-05 8:57:59319 days 23 hrs ago1667638679
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0013564613.41756914
0x60a06040159027342022-11-05 8:50:35320 days ago1667638235
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0366816614.29364483
Set Royalties By...158972072022-11-04 14:20:11320 days 18 hrs ago1667571611
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.004434633.71040826
Set Royalties By...158971582022-11-04 14:10:23320 days 18 hrs ago1667571023
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0036772627.95801802
Add Minter157735632022-10-18 7:40:47338 days 1 hr ago1666078847
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0019247619.05158226
Add Minter157733522022-10-18 6:58:35338 days 1 hr ago1666076315
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0016300316.13437492
Grant Role157671592022-10-17 10:14:23338 days 22 hrs ago1666001663
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0012816115.7454872
Add Minter157669222022-10-17 9:25:11338 days 23 hrs ago1665998711
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0009653712.24693273
Add Minter157384232022-10-13 9:53:11342 days 22 hrs ago1665654791
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0012561915.9386876
Grant Role157382762022-10-13 9:23:11342 days 23 hrs ago1665652991
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0009410111.56268656
Set Token URI Pr...157166512022-10-10 8:57:11345 days 23 hrs ago1665392231
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.004301137.4977258
Set Scarcity Lim...157165882022-10-10 8:44:35346 days 6 mins ago1665391475
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0018019133.66178265
Set Scarcity Lim...157165812022-10-10 8:43:11346 days 7 mins ago1665391391
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0021828940.77891382
Set Scarcity Lim...157165772022-10-10 8:42:23346 days 8 mins ago1665391343
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0019725936.85849334
Add Minter157165712022-10-10 8:41:11346 days 9 mins ago1665391271
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0034528834.17712222
0x60a06040157165392022-10-10 8:34:35346 days 16 mins ago1665390875
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0999387138.30929419
Grant Role155832572022-09-21 17:33:35364 days 15 hrs ago1663781615
Sorare: Deployer
OUT0 ETH0.0009506511.68108879
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124575012021-05-18 9:16:42855 days 23 hrs ago1621329402
Sorare: Deployer
30 ETH
124574652021-05-18 9:08:24855 days 23 hrs ago1621328904
Sorare: Deployer

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